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Before Ordering Your Tank.....

Before you phone up to order your tank you may need to consider a few options...

  • Where abouts you are planning to fit your tank on to your vehicle, as this will determine the shape, size and cost of the tank. A tank with many different shapes or cut outs will take more time to make and so will cost a little more than a standard square or rectangular tank.
  • Is the size you require a realistic size, remember every gallon of water weighs 10 LBS and when bolted to your vehicle may affect the handling. 
  • Where abouts do you want your fittings to be for your hoses or drains.
  • It is more cost effective for you to have one large tank inside the vehicle ie (Sprinter) one 56 gallon tank measuring 1500mm long x 600mm heigh x 300mm wide to fit against the bulk head (this could be adapted into a seat) would cost 180 plus delivery, as against the three separate tanks to go underneath the vehicle which would cost 320 plus delivery plus you have fit the tanks to the under side of the vehicle. 

What will the volume of my tank be?

 To work out the volume of the water you could fit your tank in, multiply the length x width x height.
ie 1000mm long x 350mm wide x 400mm high, this would give you 140 litres or a sum of 140000000, the first 3 numbers in a 9 figure answer are your whole litres.
Or ie 500mm long x 350mm wide x 400mm high, this would give you a sum of 70 litres or 70000000, the first 2 numbers are your whole litres if the answer has only 8 numbers.


If you have any questions you need to ask then please dont hesitate to phone Neil on 0161 626 6080, email us or fill in the questions form below and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.